Image courtesy of Ecopetrol
Image courtesy of Ecopetrol

Colombia hydrocarbon discovery announced by Ecopetrol

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Ecopetrol has announced they have confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons in the Guainiz-1 exploratory well located in San Carlos de Guaroa, Meta Province, Colombia.

Daily average production in initial tests have shown yields of 409 barrels per day of 4.4° API crude and a water cut of 8.4%.

Ecopetrol is using an artificial lift system and progressive cavity pump in the well.

Drilling began last June on the Guainiz-1 well and hydrocarbons were found on July 14 at a depth of 7,975 feet  in Paleozoic rock. The tests were made on the intermediate deposit in basal sandstone beds at a perforated interval of 16 feet.

So far this year, Ecopetrol has made four discoveries in the 5 exploratory wells drilled, with a successful hit  rate of 80%.

Ecopetrol is Colombia’s largest integrated oil & gas company, where it accounts for 60% of total production.

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