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Top Ten Highest Producing Oil Fields
The Ghawar Oil Field

Top Ten Highest Producing Oil Fields

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The highest producing oil fields by barrels a day:

1. Ghawar Field, 5,000,000 b/d

Saudi Arabia

Discovered: 1948

2. Oseberg, 3,780,000 b/d


Discovered: 1979

3. Bolivar Coastal Field, 2,600,000 b/d


Discovered: 1917

4. Fyodorovskoye Field, 1,900,000 b/d

Siberia, Russia

Discovered: 1971

5. Burgan Field, 1,700,000 b/d


Discovered: 1957

6. Rumaila Field, 1,300,000 b/d


Discovered: 1953

7. Samotlor Field, 844,000 b/d

Siberia, Russia

Discovered: 1969

8. Priobskoye field, 684,000 b/d

Siberia, Russia

Discovered: 1982

9. Prudhoe Bay, 660,000 b/d

Alaska, United States

Discovered: 1977

10. Majnoon Field, 500,000 b/d


Discovered: 1975

The top ten oil fields produce a total of  18,968,000 b/d.

With the current price of oil around $104, these ten fields produce $1,972,672,000 of oil every day.

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