Indonesia‘s Corruption Eradication Agency arrested the head of the country’s oil and gas regulator late Tuesday at his home in Jakarta.

Rudi Rubiandini, the chairman of SKKMigas, was detained on suspicion of corruption.

Officials found $400,000 in cash at his house.

Rubiandini, 51, has served as head of SKKMigas since January. The agency regulates Indonesia’s upstream oil and gas industry.

It has contracts with BP, Chevron, and Exxon Mobil for exploration and production.

Two other men were arrested with Rubiandini at his home.

Another suspect was taken into custody at an apartment in Jakarta, according to an Australian news site.

A government spokesman said ‘at least $400,000 was seized from Rubiandini’s house but he did not know the final amount as officials were still counting the money.’

Source: The FCPA Blog


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