The Libyan military has engaged with striking oil workers and hampered attempts by strikers to sell oil themselves at the country’s largest crude oil terminal.

Edris Abokhamada, the head of Libya’s Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG),  has stated that he had contacted the defense ministry for additional support after clashes on Tuesday at the Zueitina oil port.

The Zueitina oil port has been shut since mid-July.

The Zueitina port protesters fired on civilians when they asked them to leave. One is injured, said Abokhamada.

The Libyan port authority asked  customers to remove their tankers from the Es Sider terminal late on Monday to prevent any potential illegal oil sales.

On Tuesday the port authority stopped an “illegally entering” oil tanker.

Last week Libya said that if necessary, it would use military force to prevent strikers from exporting oil themselves.


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