At the week ending August 16 there are a total of 1,791 rotary rigs working in the United States, this is up 13 from last week, according to a Baker Hughes report.

There were 9 new land-based drilling rigs, and 5 new offshore rigs working this week. Of the 1,791 working rigs, 59 are drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and increase of 4 over last week.

Canada’s rig count remained at a steady 358 during the week ended August 16.

A look at the major oil and gas producing states show Louisiana gained 5 units to 113 rigs working. California gained 4 to total 42.

New Mexico, totaled 76 this week, and Alaska, 13, were each up 2 units. Six states were up 1 rig each this week: North Dakota, 172; Oklahoma, 169; Wyoming, 52; Ohio, 36; Utah, 31; and Kansas, 25.

Three states—Colorado (71), Pennsylvania (51), and Arkansas (13)—were unchanged from a week ago.

West Virginia, at 37 rigs working, dropped 1 unit; Texas lost 3 rigs to reach 846.


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