California Gov. Jerry Brown said he'll sign the nation's toughest anti-fracking law.

A bill that gives California the nation’s strictest regulation of  hydraulic fracturing was adopted Wednesday by the state legislature.

Gov. Jerry Brown supports the bill and said he’ll sign it.

Fracking — injecting sand, water and chemicals into shale rock to free oil and natural gas — is a target of environmental groups.

Some environmentalists rejected the California bill as too weak because it doesn’t force drillers to disclose all information about chemicals injected into wells, the LA Times said.

Oil companies said the bill will make it more difficult to extract oil from the Monterey Shale Formation in the San Joaquin Valley, estimated to hold 15 billion barrels of crude.

Sen. Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills) sponsored the bill.

It was adopted by the assembly by 47 votes to 17, and by the senate by 28 votes to 8.

Pavley said California currently doesn’t regulate fracking, which she said can threaten underground water supplies.


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