Colorado producers are shutting in oil and gas wells threatened by flooding this week in the Front Range region.

Denver-based Encana Oil and Gas (USA) on Thursday became the latest to say it had shut production as a safeguard.

Other oil and gas operators have also shut production, Tisha Schuller, head of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, told the Denver Post.

Encana said its wells will “remain shut-in until the weather stabilizes and the water recedes.”

Crews are inspecting wells where it’s safe to do so.

Flash flooding has killed at least three people and forced thousands to evacuate to  higher ground.

Hardest hit are Boulder and other towns along the Front Range of the Rockies north of Denver.

Some operators that have shut-in their operations are assigning people and equipment to help local communities and first responders deal with the rare flooding, the Denver Post said.

The National Weather Service said more rain is expected through the weekend.


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