The Ecuador foreign ministry said Friday that visas for a delegation that was set to travel to the UN General Assembly in New York have been denied by the US. The purpose of the trip was to present their case regarding an ongoing environmental dispute against Chevron-Texaco.

According to an official announcement, visas for the five Ecuadorian nationals were returned by the US Embassy  “without any explanation.”

That delegation was to present during a special event at the UN regarding the ecological impact caused by Chevron-Texaco’s oil operations on the Amazon rainforest region of Ecuador.

The case against Chevron-Texaco has continued for over twenty years, stemming from the oil company’s operations in the Amazon  between 1972 and 1990.

Ecuadorian claimants say the activity contaminated two million hectares of land.

The case also involves a US$19 billion judgment awarded by an Ecuadorean court against Chevron for cleanup and ecological damage.

The judgment is currently being fought in The Hague.

Ecuador faced another setback on Tuesday when an interim ruling in favor of Texaco Corp., later acquired by Chevron, found that a 1995 agreement exonerated the company from claims of “collective damage.”


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