A great place to learn the language of the oil and gas industry is Schlumberger’s Oilfield Glossary.

The free online resource contains 4,600 terms and their definitions — everything is covered, from Abandonment Costs to Zoeppritz Equations.

It’s in English and Spanish and even comes with a nifty (and also free) mobil app, and everything is fully searchable.

There are good reasons why Schlumberger’s Oilfield Glossary, launched in 1998, has been awarded prizes for excellence by the Business Marketing Association and the Society for Technical Communication.

Give it a try.

By the way. A ‘cement head,’ the oilfield glossary tells us, is a device fitted to the top joint of a casing string to hold a cement plug before it is pumped down the casing during the cementing operation.

The Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary is available here.



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