A new report said more than 120,000 skilled personnel will be needed over the next decade in the North Sea oil and gas industry.

And growth in the UK‘s shale oil sector will also require big numbers of skilled workers.

A report by and Air Energi said oil companies in the UK are already struggling to attract enough graduates with the needed skills.

The shortage will become more acute with increased investment in the oil and gas sector.

Mark Guest,  managing director of, said the UK alone will need more than 120,000 skilled workers over the next ten years.

Oil and Gas UK has forecast capital investment in the North Sea this year at a record £13.5billion.

A Barclays survey said 65 percent of oil and gas companies operating in the UK expect an increase in capex over the next two years, with more than 60 percent predicting an increase over a five-year period.

The Barclays report said the skills shortage was already hitting the oil and gas industry.

Source: The Scotsman


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