1.  France’s highest court  Friday upheld a government ban on hydraulic fracturing. The Constitutional Council ruled against a petition by Schuepbach Energy for reinstatement of exploration permits that were revoked after the French Parliament banned fracking.

2.  Bulgaria banned hydraulic fracturing in January and withdrew a license that had been granted to Chevron.

3. Romania proposed a moratorium on fracking after a petition was signed by 50,000 people. The moratorium on shale gas exploration was imposed earlier this year for up to two years.

4. Germany stopped plans last year to use fracking.

5, The Czech Republic imposed a ban in 2012 for two years.

6. Luxembourg suspended drilling for shale gas and established a moratorium in November 2012.

7. Northern Ireland banned fracking in late 2011.

8. In Spain, there’s a fracking ban in the region of Cantabria.

9. In Switzerland, the Canton of Fribourg bans fracking.


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