Drilling in the UK might stop completely because of the fierce anti-fracking campagin there, according to the American movie maker responsible for the Gasland anti-fracking films.

“Josh Fox told the Guardian that anti-fracking campaigns in the UK could turn the tide on developments, but said it was incumbent on protesters to also campaign for renewable alternatives.”

His films are about the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing, which is says is linked to air and water pollution. Many  scientists and others don’t agree.

“The new film, Gasland II, aims to show how the energy companies have ‘contaminated’ government in the US – with oil and gas companies spending millions of dollars lobbying Congress for support on drilling projects.,” the Guardian said.

“My message to the UK is the same as everywhere else: ban fracking,” Fox said. “What’s happening in the UK is similar to what’s happening all over the world. We are living in an era of unprecedented corporate dominance.”


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