Derailment aftermath in Gainsford, Alberta (Image courtesy of the RCMP)

A train with 13 cars oil and liquefied petroleum derailed early Saturday in Alberta, Canada, triggering an explosion and huge fireball.

About 100 people from the small town of  Gainsford, 50 miles west of Edmonton, were evacuated after the derailment at 1 am.

A giant fireball when the train exploded illuminated the sky and shook buildings.

Firefighters decided to let the blaze burn itself out after they determined there were no further threats of explosions.

Four cars in the train were carrying crude oil and nine were loaded with liquefied petroleum gas.

No one was reported killed or hurt in the derailment or explosion.

Earlier this year, a derailment and blast of a crude-carrying train in Lac-Megantic, Quebec killed 47 people.


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