About 400 barrels of crude oil (17,000 gallons) spilled from a pipeline near Smithville, Texas, 40 miles east of Austin.

The Koch Pipeline Company operates the line. The spill was in a rural area.

Crude from the spill ran into an area about the size of a football field, near two livestock ponds, local reports said.

The release was contained and clean up has started.

Smithville is in Fayette County, Texas.

Ramona Nye of the Texas Railroad Commission — the state’s main oil and gas regulator — told TV station KVUE  Tuesday that “about 400 barrels of crude oil (17,000 gallons) were spilled near Red Hollow Lane and Old Smithville Road in Smithville. The oil apparently came from an eight-inch diameter pipeline after it leaked.”

Crews from SWS Environmental have contained the spill, which polluted a private stock pond and two overflow reservoirs, KVUE said.

There hadn’t been a determination where the pipeline ruptured.

Those reservoirs are not used by the public.

It transports crude oil to refineries in Corpus Christie.

Koch Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of Koch Industries, has a 4,000-mile network of pipelines. Much of the network is in Texas and focused on Eagle Ford.

The release was discovered as a result of a routine aerial inspection of the pipelines operating in the area, a local report said.


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