Construction begins this week on crude-to-rail terminal in Casper, Wyoming.

The new rail terminal will handle crude from trucks and pipelines for onward shipping, according to the Casper Star-Tribune.

The hub will serve pipeline deliveries from as far away as Alberta, Canada’s tar sands over Spectra Energy’s Express Pipeline.

Oil from oil fields west of Casper will be trucked in.

In 2012, crude oil production in Wyoming was 57.3 million barrels, up 5.91% from 2011. Nationally, the state ranked 7th in crude production during 2012.

The new hub will be able to load two trains of 110 rail cars a day. Each rail car has capacity for 71,000 to 77,000 barrels.

Blending tanks for different grades of crude will be part of the new hub.

“Developers including Rich Fairservis of Casper-based Granite Peak Development, LLC, expect the facility to become operational by late next spring,” the Star-Tribune said.

In 1970, Wyoming production peaked at 141.5 million barrels.

During 2012, 399 companies/operators produced Wyoming’s crude oil


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