The Oleg Strashnov

Seaway Heavy Lifting has signed a contract with Permaducto to execute work in Mexico in a joined offshore program for the Pemex’s KuMaZa/Cantarell project.

Installation of the decks and jacket will be done by using the Oleg Strashnov.

The Oleg Strashnov is Seaway Heavy Lifting’s chief crane vessel, with a 5000mt revolving crane and DP3 capabilities.

With this project, the Oleg Strashnov will visit the Gulf of Mexico for the first time since she started operations in April 2011.

Koen van der Perk, Seaway Senior VP Commercial, said; “This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen our experience in Mexico and broaden our market. I would like to sincerely thank Permaducto and Pemex for their confidence in Seaway Heavy Lifting and we are very much looking forward to a successful cooperation with Permaducto and Pemex.”

Mexico’s oil and gas industry has been famously struggling lately, as the government hopes new projects like this can get exploration and production number back up.

Seaway Heavy Lifting is a Cyprus based company.


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