The crew of Subsea 7’s Bourbon Peridot vessel, operating in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa, recorded a cover video of the 1983 hit song “Africa” by Toto and it quickly went viral.

In the video, audiences are treated to a charming look at the environment and camaraderie aboard the vessel.

The video was directed by ROV operator Darren Flynn, who said, “Well I’ve made a few videos out here to show friends and family what it’s like to work offshore Africa and this time I was offshore and had my camera with me, however, it was broken. I managed to get the camera fixed and thought I should take a couple test videos.We thought of doing a music video and Africa came on my iPhone randomly; it was perfect! A couple of the Subsea 7 guys and myself filmed the first 2 verses and it seemed funny, so we decided to make the whole video on our time off. Other boys from other companies on the boat saw me editing the video in the evenings and said they wanted to get involved, so I managed to work out a part for pretty much everyone on the boat, and boom; we have a hit!”

Congrats on the hit, guys.


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