Aibel will continue as Statoil’s largest supplier of maintenance and modification services for two more years., the company said Monday.

Statoil has fulfilled an option to extend the contract with two more years. The extended contract has a total value of around NOK 5 billion ($815 million).

Statoil has thus renewed its confidence in Aibel, who will continue work on all platforms and onshore facilities that the company currently services.

“We have worked hard to qualify for the option. The award of the contract is a recognition for Aibel and strengthens our position as the preferred supplier of maintenance and modification services on the Norwegian continental shelf,” says CEO Jan Skogseth of Aibel.

Aibel  has close to 6,000 employees in Norway and abroad, working on fields and facilities, both on and offshore.

Around 2.500 Aibel employees are involved in the Statoil M&M contract. The company is present at plants and installations across the shelf through two contracts. One includes the onshore plants of Kårstø, Kollsnes and Sture. The other is for the offshore installations Draupner, Statfjord, Oseberg, Huldra/Veslefrikk, Njord, Kristin, Norne and Hammerfest LNG.

The option that now has been invoked applies from 1 August 2014 and lasts until 31 July 2016.


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