Transport Canada says they will begin sending inspectors to scrutinize crude oil being shipped to Canada by rail following an investigation that revealed potentially unstable oil being sent on the trains without company inspections.

The Canadian inspectors will work jointly with their U.S. counterparts, Marie-France Dagenais, director general of the Transport Dangerous Goods Directorate at Transport Canada, said Wednesday during a House of Commons committee hearing to discuss rail safety.

We are actually refocusing some of our inspections,” Dagenais said. Since Canada doesn’t have the right to inspect U.S. facilities on its own, she added Transport Canada must work with U.S authorities. “We’re going to do it collaboratively to ensure that the proper testing is done.”

The Commons hearing comes a day after Canada’s Auditor-General released a highly critical report on Transport Canada’s handling of railway safety in Canada, claiming that Transport Canada completed just a quarter of planned railway safety audits over the last three years.


  1. As the Director of Health & Safety for my company, we ship mega amounts of oil by rail.. I’m an NCSO as well as an TSD.. I have much to say about oil-by-rail.. I have answers and solutions.. I dont care how much you investigate the situation, your answers will not come from missing Audits.. and thats not an answer.. Thats a lame thought conception if thats how you’re conducting an investigation.. Wanna hear my thoughts.. E-mail me..

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