Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper knows what the oil and gas industry means to his state.

On Tuesday, voters in three towns approved bans on fracking. The governor is opposed to the bans.

At a recent talk he gave at the “Think About Energy Summit” sponsored by the American Natural Gas Alliance at the Colorado Convention Center, he said:

“In Colorado, the facts are impressive — 51,000 people employed [in oil and gas], $74,000 average in wages, $3.8 billion in [annual] salaries, $273 million in royalties paid every year. And it’s driving down energy prices in Colorado and putting more dollars in people’s pockets to spend on their children, on their small businesses.

“The average annual energy costs in Colorado are $1,500. That’s 23 percent less than in the rest of the United States, even when adjusted for climate.”

“In the next two to three years we’ll have an opportunity to turn public opinion around, to let people know that natural gas is one of the greatest natural resources this country has ever had, and that it has untold potential to change things in this country.”

Source: The Denver Business Journal


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