Exxon Mobil’s 117-acre campus in Merrifield, Virginia is for sale and will relocate to Houston.

The campus is the most valuable properties in Fairfax County, according to the Washington Post.

Mobil Corp moved to the site in 1980.

Exxon Mobil will relocate about 2,100 jobs to Houston but the end of 2015, the report said.

Of the 117 acres, 92 are undeveloped.

“In the center are four connected office buildings built in two phases, one in 1979 and the other in 1989, plus a services building,” the Washington Post said. “Though the offices, which total 1.2 million square feet, don’t feature the floor-to-ceiling glass and 360-degree views that newer buildings might, there are many features that corporate users typically appreciate. Among them: more than 60 conference rooms, nine-foot ceilings, a 736-seat cafeteria, a gym, a swimming pool and a corporate board room featuring a lustrous beech wood table.”

“We think this is one of the most attractive properties not only in the Washington, D.C., area, but that there’s very few things like this in the entire U.S.,” said Mark J. Stachowiak, portfolio manager for global real estate and facilities at Exxon Mobil.


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