Around 1,400 offshore workers from the companies Kaefer, Bilfinger and Beerenberg in Norway have joined a strike pressuring the employers to increase their pay.

The workers have cut their working hours to 45 percent of their normal hours since November 16.

The strike may hurt oil and gas production within days, the union SAFE said, adding that the effect on output would vary from site to site.

“We are seeking to reduce the effect of the conflict on our customers but can’t avoid that the total production capacity is temporarily reduced,” Beerenberg spokesman Ole Klemsdal said via email.

SAFE is the only union involved, according to Bloomberg, the labor action will continue and no talks have been planned between SAFE and the employers.

ConocoPhillips’ Ekofisk field, Statoil-operated Statfjord and Kristin fields are among the projects that striking workers are engaged in.

Last June, 708 Norwegian oil workers initiated a 16-day strike demanding wage increases and retirement at 62, leading to shutdown of several oil platforms operated by Statoil. Norway’s government used emergency powers to step in and forced offshore workers returned to work before oil industry began to lock out 6, 500 workers. The strike caused a drop in Norwegian oil production by 15 percent and gas production by 7 percent.


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