Jim Roemer, one of the first meteorologists to become a Commodity Trading Adviser, said this winter’s weather is unpredictable.

Why? Because the sun is acting weird.

On investment site Seeking Alpha, he said:

“Our sun has been acting very strangely lately, with the normal 11 year cycle reversal of its polarity, occurring about a year earlier than normal at one of the poles. The sun, is out of sync. Combine that with the current solar maximum (one of the weakest solar maximums ever recorded by man, in which solar storms are few ) and we have the potential for some very unusual winter weather ahead. Not only could a more inactive sun offset some of the hazards of global warming, by potentially cooling the planet, but the sun’s magnetic field is important for a ton of technological systems, like power grid distributions and the positioning of satellites.”

Roemer’s predictions matter.

He has worked with major hedge funds, Midwest farmers and traders for nearly 30 years. And he’s known as a savvy predictor of longer range weather trends and how they impact commodity markets, including energy and natural gas.


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