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An oil and gas complex in Western Libya was  seized by armed rebels and shut down on Friday.

All work stopped at the  Mellitah oil and gas complex when the rebels occupied the site and workers abandoned the facilities.

A spokeman for the state National Oil Corp (NOC) said gas supplies had stopped from Mellitah after workers left the plant, located 100 km west of Tripoli, according to reports from PressTV.

It supplies Italy with 17 million cubic meters of gas per day through the Green Stream pipeline.

At gas stations in Western Libya, long lines formed over the weekend after word of the shutdown spread.

Queues began forming at petrol stations in the troubled region amid fears of fuel shortages because of the protest.

Last week, Libya’s Prime Minister Ali Zeidan said unless order was restored in Libya, “foreign forces may otherwise intervene under Chapter VII of the UN Charter,” PressTV said.

Fighters who armed themselves in 2011 to opposed the regime of  former strongman Muammar Gaddafi have refused to disarm or submit to the authority of the central government.


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