St. Bernard Parish may join the lawsuits filed last month against dozens of oil and gas companies that demands they clean up environmental damage caused by their operations.

The lawsuits filed by Plaquemines and Jefferson parishes want the companies to repair damage caused by dredging and other operations, and remove waste materials disposed in wetlands, in violation of the permits allowing them to operate in each parish’s “coastal zone,” the New Orleans Times Picayune said.

The St. Bernard Parish Council passed an ordinance authorizing hiring and paying lawyers for the suit. The the law firms of Carmouche and Associates, LLC., Cossich, Sumich, Parisola, & Taylor, LLC., and Connick and Connick, LLC, were named in the ordinance, the report said.

The Jefferson and Plaquemines suits target many of the 97 companies sued earlier this year by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East. “That suit was filed under separate provisions of state law that prohibit operations along the coast from impeding the abilities of levees to protect areas from storm surges,” the Times Picayune said.

Gov. Bobby Jindal opposed the flood authority suit because it interferes with Louisiana’s coastal restoration and protection Master Plan, he said. After the suit was filed, Jindal replaced three levee authority members whose terms had expired, including former Vice President John Barry, who proposed the lawsuit, the Times Picayune said.

The 25-member Association of Levee Boards of Louisiana formalized its opposition the flood protection lawsuit this week. It urged withdrawal of the suit and advocated “constructive dialogue” among levee boards, elected officials and the energy industry on how to deal with coastal erosion, the Advocate reported.

Named as defendants in the lawsuit brought by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East are:

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co., LLC; Alta Mesa Services, LP; Andarko E&P Onshore, LLC; Apache Corp.; Atlantic Richfield Co.; Bepco, LP; BHP Billiton Petroleum (KCS Resources), LLC; Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP; Bopco, LP; BP America Production Co.; BP Oil Pipeline Co.; BP-Pipelines(North America), Inc.; Callon Offshore Production, Inc.; Callon Petroleum Co.; Caskids Operating Co.; Castex Energy, Inc.; Cemex, Inc.; Centerpoint Energy Resources Corp.; Chevron Pipe Line Co.; Chevron U.S.A., Inc.; Chroma Operating, Inc.; Clayton Williams Energy, Inc.; Clovelly Oil Co., LLC; Coastal Exploration and Production, LLC; Collins Pipeline Co.; ConocoPhillips Co.; Continental Oil Co.; Cox Operating, LLC; Crawford Hughes Operating Co.; Crosstex Lig, LLC; Dallas Exploration, Inc.; Davis Oil Co.; Devon Energy Production Co., LP; Energen Resources Corp.; Enterprise Intrastate, LLC; EOG Resources Inc.; EP Energy Management, LLC; Estate of William G. Helis; Exxon Mobil Corp.; ExxonMobil Pipeline Co.; Flash Gas & Oil Northeast, Inc.; Graham Royalty Ltd.; Greka AM Inc.; Gulf Production Co., Inc.; Gulf South Pipeline Co., LP; Harvest Oil & Gas, LLC; Helis Energy, LLC; Helis Oil & Gas Co., LLC; Hess Corp., a Delaware Corp.; Hilliard Oil & Gas, Inc.; HKN, Inc.; Integrated Exploration & Production, LLC; J.C. Trahan Drilling Contractor, Inc.; J.M. Huber Corp.; Kenmore Oil Co., Inc.; Kewanee Industries, Inc.; Kilroy Co. of Texas, Inc.; Koch Exploration Co., LLC; Koch Industries, Inc.; Liberty Oil & Gas Corp.; LLOG Exploration Co.; Manti Operationg Co.; Marathon OIl Co.; McMoRan Exploration Co.; MOEM Pipeline, LLC.; Mosbacher Energy Co.; Murphy Exploration & Production Co.; Natural Resources Corp. of Texas; Newfield Exploration Gulf Coast, LLC; Noble Energy Inc.; O’Meara, LLC; ORX Resources, LLC; P.R. Rutherford; Placid Oil Co.; Plains Pipeline, LP; PXP Producing Co., LLC; Republic Mineral Corp.; Ripco, LLC; Rozel Operating Co.; S. Parish Oil Co., Inc.; Seneca Resources Corp.; Shell Oil Co.; Source Petroleum, Inc.; Southern Bay Energy, LLC; Southern Natural Gas Co., LLC; Statoil Exploration (US), Inc.; Sun OIl Co.; Sundown Energy LP; The Louisiana Land and Exploration Co., LLC (Maryland); The Meridian Resource & Exploration, LLC; The Pickens Co., Inc.; Union Oil Co. of California; Vintage Petroleum, LLC; White Oak Operating Co., LLC; Whiting Oil & Gas Corp.; Williams Exploration Co.; Yuma Exploration and Production Co., Inc.


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