Image courtesy of Shell Canada

Canada will need to fill up to 47,900 new oil and gas jobs over the next decade, the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada said.

Today direct employment in the Canada oil and gas sector is about 195,000.

Much of the job growth will come from a planned $50 billion trans-Canada network of natural gas export terminals and pipelines.

Chevron Corp projects it will need up to 5,500 workers to build a pipeline across the western mountains and a plant on the Pacific Coast for shipping gas to Asia.

As many as nine other proposed liquefied natural gas, or LNG, export terminals on the West Coast that have received or applied for permits, Bloomberg said.

Canada holds the second largest oil reserves in the world, after Saudi Arabia.

It has about 175 billion barrels of oil – 170 billion barrels in the oil sands.

It added 2,200 oil and gas jobs from a year ago, and about 18,200 jobs (or 10 per cent growth) from 2009.


Canada is also the world’s third largest natural gas producer, after Russia and the US.


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