Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad announced Monday that he has stepped down as advisor to the state oil firm Petronas, effective on December 1, following doctor’s advice on his health conditions.

“I am getting older, that is why I wanted to resign. My doctor advised me not to travel here and there since I am old.

“I have been with Petronas for 10 years, I feel that Petronas has performed well and made huge profit. I hope Petronas will continue to play its role in nurturing young entrepreneurs,” he told reporters.

Mahathir said he had written to current Prime Minister Najib to inform him of his resignation.

Mahathir was discharged from hospital on November 25, ten days after being admitted for a chest infection.

The 88-year-old Mahathir Mohammad was appointed advisor to the national oil firm in 2003. He has been accused by some opposition politicians for abusing his position to award Petronas oil and gas contracts to his family and allies. Opposition leaders believe that Mahathir’s influence over Petronas is unlikely to fade “when his family has so much interest in the oil and gas business in the country,” according to Malaysia Chronicle.

PM Najib has not made reactions to Mahathir’s resignation. 



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