Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for Dec. 19 through Dec. 25 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A.

Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold.

Adventure Exploration Partners II LLC, Brunson 19, Glasscock, New Drill; Brunson 30, Glasscock, New Drill.

Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC, Coopersmith 34-139, Ward, New Drill.

Approach Operating LLC, Baker B, Crockett, New Drill (4); University 45 A, Crockett, New Drill (4).

Athlon Energy Operating LLC, Holt Ranch, Martin, New Drill.

BC Operating Inc., University 9-11, Reagan, New Drill.

Big Star Oil & Gas LLC, Puma 21, Howard, New Drill; Beall 28, Howard, New Drill; Augusta 27, Howard, New Drill.

Boyd & McWilliams Operating LLC, Flag Ranch A, Ector, New Drill.

Burleson Petroleum Inc., Bake, Martin, New Drill.

Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Four Corners TXL Fee, Upton, New Drill.

Cimarex Energy Co., Ringo 14, Reagan, New Drill.

Citation Oil & Gas Corp., North Robertson San Andres Unit, Gaines, New Drill (7).

COG Operating LLC, Captain Call, Culberson, New Drill; Samantha, Upton, New Drill; Sicem Bears State, Pecos, New Drill; Old Hickory State, Reeves, New Drill.

ConocoPhillips Company, Settles, W.R. -A-, Howard, New Drill (3).

Del Mar Energy, Inc., Galatian, Runnels, New Drill (2).

Devon Energy Production Co. LP, Devaca ‘A’, Irion, New Drill; University 50-12, Crockett, New Drill (2); Hinde, Irion, New Drill (3); Bodega, Irion, New Drill (2).

Diamondback E&P LLC, Crystal A Unit, Upton, New Drill; Crystal B Unit, Upton, New Drill; Crystal C Unit, Upton, New Drill.

Enduring Resources LLC, University 09, Reagan, New Drill (5).

Energen Resources Corporation, Horwood NS 36-35, Glasscock, New Drill; San Jacinto NS 36-37, Glasscock, New Drill (2); Dimmit 28, Loving, New Drill; San Saba -A-, Glasscock, New Drill; Glass, Glasscock, New Drill; Sabine A SN 35-26, Glasscock, New Drill; Canadian, Glasscock, New Drill; Daniel -10-, Glasscock, New Drill; Daniel -21-, Glasscock, New Drill; Jones-Holton, Martin, Recompletion (3).

EOG Resources Inc., University 40 C, Crockett, New Drill (2); Apache State 57, Reeves, New Drill (2).

EXCO/HGI JV Assets LLC, Cox ‘60 A’, Irion, New Drill.

Fasken Oil and Ranch Ltd., Fee ‘BI’, Ector, New Drill (2).

Habanero Oil & Gas Operating LLC, Nutt 102, Pecos, New Drill.

Hibernia Resources LLC, Dorothy Faye 320, Martin, New Drill.

Jetta Operating Company Inc., Barstow 20, Ward, New Drill.
Kinder Morgan Production Co. LLC, Sacroc Unit, Scurry, New Drill (3).

Linn Operating Inc., Reid 22, Martin, New Drill.

Merit Energy Company, Cities-Reed, Howard, New Drill; Chalk, G.O., Howard, New Drill.

Midland Energy Inc., O’Brien ‘2’, Dawson, New Drill.

Occidental Permian Ltd., Wasson North Clearfork Unit, Yoakum, New Drill; Wasson ODC Unit, Yoakum, New Drill (8); South Curtis Ranch, Martin, New Drill (2).

Opus Operating LLC, White-Deep, Martin, New Drill.

OXY USA WTP LP, Willard Unit, Yoakum, New Drill (7).

P.O. & G. Operating LLC, Debbie, Ward, New Drill (2).

Parsley Energy Operations LLC, Elwood 16, Upton, New Drill; Nance 19, Martin, New Drill.

Pioneer Natural Resources USA Inc., Mabee Foundation ‘G’, Midland, New Drill; Casaga, Martin, New Drill; Schackelford Spraberry Unit, Midland, New Drill; Brunson 2, Glasscock, New Drill; Blocker, Martin, New Drill (2); Key ‘9’, Martin, New Drill.

Rosetta Resources Operating LP, Miss Kitty 255, Reeves, New Drill; Marshall Dillon 25, Reeves, New Drill; Monroe 35, Reeves, New Drill (2).
RSP Permian LLC, Cross Bar Ranch, Andrews, New Drill.

Rust Oil Corp., Moss Partnership ‘9’, Midland, New Drill.

SandRidge Exploration and Production LLC, University 13-34, Andrews, New Drill; University 13-35, Andrews, New Drill; University 13-37, Andrews, New Drill (2).
Schalk Oil Company Inc., Pitchfork Toreador J 14, Dickens, New Drill.

Thompson, J. Cleo, Rhino Unit 37S, Reeves, New Drill.

W&T Offshore Inc., Beaujolais, Dawson, New Drill; Beaujolais C, Dawson, New Drill; Beaujolais D, Dawson, New Drill.

Williams, Clayton Energy Inc., Samson University ‘7’, Andrews, New Drill.

XTO Energy Inc., Russell Clearfork Unit, Gaines, New Drill (2).

Source: Texas Railroad Commission


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