Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for Nov. 21 through Nov. 27 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold.

Aegis Fluids Management LLC, Aegis Scharff, Pecos, New Drill; Aegis Olix B, Pecos, New Drill (2).

Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC, Hill 34-171 Unit, Ward, New Drill; Gaddie 1-31 Unit, Ward, New Drill (3); Blacktip State 42, Loving, New Drill.

Apache Corporation, Weatherby 1231, Reagan, New Drill (2); Frances Gunn, Howard, New Drill; University 2505, Reagan, New Drill (3); Three Bar Shallow Unit, Andrews, New Drill; Prometheus 28 Unit, Garza, New Drill; SRH North, Reagan, New Drill.

Athlon Energy Operating LLC, Davidson 26C, Midland, New Drill; Tarzan Standefer 9, Martin, New Drill (2); Clark 1, Glasscock, New Drill.

B & S Salvage, J.A. Wheeler A, Crosby, Re-enter.

BHP Billiton Petroleum (TxLa) Co., State Hanging H Ranch 56-T3-8, Reeves, New Drill.

Big Star Oil & Gas LLC, Beall 28, Howard, New Drill.

Bissell Operating LLC, Bynum, Tom Green, New Drill.

Breitburn Operating LP, Armstrong 36, Midland, New Drill; Adams West 29, Howard, New Drill.

Burlington Resources Oil & Gas Co.-Midland, Waddell, W.N., et al., Crane, Recompletion (2).

Callon Petroleum Operating Co., Neal, Upton, New Drill.

Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Tubb, J.B. -B-, Crane, Recompletion.

Cimarex Energy Co., Silver Run 57-36 WD, Reeves, New Drill; Cleveland 57-23, Reeves, New Drill; Ruby 1-39, Reeves, New Drill; Barbaro 23 Unit, Culberson, New Drill (2).

COG Operating LLC, Maggie, Upton, New Drill; Sloan, Upton, New Drill; Laurajean, Upton, New Drill; Old Hickory State, Reeves, New Drill; Currie, Glasscock, New Drill (2); Pegasus Field Unit 3, Upton, New Drill; Christine, Upton, New Drill; Pegasus Field Unit 3, Midland, New Drill; Rail Splitter, Reeves, New Drill.

ConocoPhillips Company, Chalk, G.O. -A-, Howard, Recompletion; Chalk, G.O. -G-, Howard, New Drill; Chalk, G.O. -F-, Howard, New Drill; Reed-McDonald 142, Howard, New Drill.

CrownQuest Operating LLC, Betty Lee 32, Howard, New Drill; Glynn 44, Martin, New Drill; Wash 48, Howard, New Drill; Lomax 11, Glasscock, New Drill; Houston 25, Glasscock, New Drill (2); Deavenport 7, Glasscock, New Drill; Norton 27, Glasscock, New Drill.

Custer & Wright Operating Inc., Phil, Crosby, New Drill (9).

Del Mar Energy Inc., Bailey, Runnels, New Drill.

Devon Energy Production Co. LP, Peggy A, Ector, New Drill; Virginia City Cole, Sterling, Re-enter.

Diamondback E&P LLC, Kent CSL A, Dawson, New Drill; ST, Midland, New Drill (2); ER Unit 58-3, Upton, New Drill; Neal E Unit 8, Upton, New Drill; Charlotte B Unit, Upton, New Drill.

Element Petro Operating II LLC, Wright 44, Howard, New Drill; Garrett-Reed Unit 37-48, Howard, New Drill.

Enduring Resources, LLC, Ham, Reagan, New Drill.

Energen Resources Corporation, Glass -A-, Glasscock, New Drill (2); Copperhead 53-14, Loving, New Drill (2); Dimmit 53-38, Loving, New Drill (2).

EOG Resources Inc., Mercury, Loving, New Drill (6).

Fasken Oil and Ranch Ltd., Fee ‘BI’, Ector, New Drill (2).

FIML Natural Resources, LLC, Salt House, Irion, New Drill.

Finley Operations Inc., University BX, Pecos, New Drill.

Forge Energy LLC, Wayne, Andrews, New Drill.

Great Western Drilling Company, REO (Jo Mill) Unit, Borden, New Drill.

Hadaway Consult and Engineer LLC, Smith 454, Scurry, New Drill; Reed 68, Garza, New Drill.

Highmount Exploration & Production Texas LLC, University Unit, Crockett, New Drill (2).

Hunt Oil Company, S.B. Burnett Estate ‘N’, King, Recompletion.

Ica Energy Operating LLC, Parker Ranchland 21, Ector, New Drill.

JVA Operating Company Inc., Connell 8, Garza, New Drill.

Juno Operating Company II LLC, Clark Wood Ranch, Crosby, New Drill (2).

Kinder Morgan Production Co. LLC, Sacroc Unit, Scurry, New Drill (2).

Laredo Petroleum-Dallas Inc., Sugg-A-, Reagan, New Drill; Sugg-A- SL, Reagan, New Drill (2); Lane Trust-D-, Glasscock, New Drill; Barbee-A-, Glasscock, New Drill; Hall 5, Glasscock, New Drill; Lacy Creek 18A, Glasscock, New Drill.

Linn Operating Inc., Allar 19, Martin, New Drill.

Mesquite SWD Inc., VL 14 State, Reeves, New Drill.

Mid-States Operating Company, University 31, Pecos, New Drill.

Native Operating Company LLC, Pritchett State, Pecos, New Drill; Pritchett State 30, Pecos, New Drill.

Noble Energy Inc., Roman Catholic Diocese, Gaines, New Drill.

Occidental Permian Ltd., Central Ownby Unit, Yoakum, New Drill (3); Denver Unit, Yoakum, Recompletion (11).

Oxy USA, Inc., Collie B, Reeves, New Drill.

Oxy USA WTP LP, Salt Creek Field Unit, Kent, New Drill (3).

Parallel Petroleum LLC, Strom ‘C’, Scurry, New Drill (2); Lion Diamond ‘M’ Unit, Scurry, New Drill.

Parsley Energy Operations LLC, Arnett 44, Reagan, New Drill; Ratliff 28, Upton, New Drill; Franklin 22A, Upton, New Drill; Franklin 22, Upton, New Drill.

Pioneer Natural Resources USA Inc., University ‘15B’, Reagan, New Drill; Texas Ten ‘ZZ’, Midland, New Drill; E T O’Daniel, Midland, New Drill; Smith ‘46’, Martin, New Drill; Bloxom ‘18’, Upton, New Drill; Hill ‘60’, Martin, New Drill; Robbins ‘5’, Upton, New Drill; Scharbauer Ranch, Martin, New Drill (2); Fryar ‘26’, Glasscock, New Drill; Wells ‘35’, Martin, Recompletion; Davis 42, Martin, New Drill.

Pitts Energy Co., Weatherby B, Reagan, Re-enter.

PPC Operating Company LLC, Clark, Sterling, New Drill (2); Van Court, Crane, New Drill.

Reliance Energy Inc., Mabee 239, Martin, New Drill (2); Mabee 138, Martin, New Drill

Resolute Natural Resources Co., LLC, State Sandlot 57, Reeves, New Drill.

Rosetta Resources Operating LP, Pancho Villa State 42, Reeves, New Drill; Marshall Dillon 25, Reeves, New Drill; Sam Bass State 15, Reeves, New Drill; Roy Bean 42, Reeves, New Drill.

SandRidge Exploration and Production LLC, WH Bush, Andrews, New Drill.

Seaboard Operating Co., Cardinal, Gaines, New Drill.

Sharp Image Energy, Inc., North Tonto 391, Scurry, Recompletion; Spur 14, Kent, New Drill; Primero 42, Howard, Field Transfer.

Shell Western E&P, Magic Man 33-64 Wrd, Ward, New Drill; Monroe 33-60 Wrd Unit, Ward, New Drill.

Sheridan Production Company LLC, Cook Unit, Gaines, New Drill (2); Ferguson, Gaines, New Drill (4); University 17-24, Ward, New Drill; University 17-17, Ward, New Drill (4); State FX, Andrews, Re-enter.

SM Energy Company, Britain, Upton, New Drill.

Summit Petroleum LLC, Allison, Upton, New Drill; Penny, Upton, New Drill (2).

Sundown Energy LP, Hutchings Stock Assn., Ward, New Drill.

Thompson, J. Cleo, G.W. Glass B North, Martin, New Drill; Okapi State Unit A35, Reeves, New Drill.

Three Rivers Operating Co. II LLC, Stallings Creighton, Howard, New Drill; King, Howard, New Drill; Vogler, Martin, New Drill; Guthrie West, Howard, New Drill; Hale, Martin, New Drill (3).

Three Span Oil & Gas Inc., Adair S.E. (San Andres) Unit, Gaines, New Drill (2); Ashmore, Gaines, New Drill.

Trail Ridge Energy Partners II LLC, JK&L 181 Pooled Unit, Scurry, New Drill.

W&T Offshore Inc., Malvasia, Dawson, New Drill; Pinot 65, Martin, New Drill; Cereza, Martin, New Drill; Chablis, Martin, New Drill.

Williams, Clayton Energy Inc., Vincent 23, Andrews, New Drill.

XTO Energy Inc., Fullerton Clearfork Unit, Andrews, New Drill.

Source: Texas Railroad Commission


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