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Texas preliminary September 2013 crude oil production averaged 1,796,784 barrels daily, up from the 1,343,569 barrels daily average of September 2012, the Texas Railroad Commission said last week,

The Commission issued a total of 1,735 original drilling permits in October 2013 compared to 1,873 in October 2012.

The October total included 1,517 permits to drill new oil and gas wells, 22 to re-enter existing well bores, and 196 for re-completions.

Permits issued in October 2013 included 547 oil, 92 gas, 1,025 oil and gas, 57 injection, three service and 11 other permits.

The preliminary Texas crude oil production figure for September 2013 is 53,903,512 barrels, up from 40,307,058 barrels reported during September 2012.

In October 2013, operators reported 1,758 oil, 493 gas, 64 injection and three other completions compared to 1,059 oil, 257 gas, 32 injection and four other completions in October 2012.

Total well completions for 2013 year to date are 21,432 up from 12,188 recorded during the same period in 2012.

Operators reported 408 holes plugged and zero dry holes in October 2013 compared to 605 holes plugged and two dry holes in October 2012.

Texas oil and gas wells produced 577,607,649 Mcf (thousand cubic feet) of gas based upon preliminary production figures for September 2013 up from the September 2012 preliminary gas production total of 529,633,737 Mcf. Texas preliminary September total gas production averaged 19,253,588 Mcf (thousand cubic feet) a day.

Texas production in September 2013 came from 153,161 oil wells and 91,017 gas wells.


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