Tribesmen in Yemen's Hadramout region

Tribesmen seized an oil ministry building in Yemen’s eastern Hadramout province on Thursday and exchanged gunfire with a pro-government tribe seeking to regain control of the premises, tribal sources and ministry employees said.

Sources said the oil ministry building was under the control of the al-Kathiry tribe, who told employees to leave.

The tribesmen are believed to be responding to the killing of a tribal leader earlier this month. The leader was killed during a gun fight at an army checkpoint after his bodyguards refused to hand over their weapons to soldiers.

Yemen authorities face regular conflict from tribesmen who attack oil pipelines routinely.

Details of casualties were not available.

At least four people, including two soldiers, were killed in attacks at army checkpoints near oilfields in Wadi Hadramout on Monday.

On Wednesday, Tribesmen detonated bombs on Yemen’s main oil pipeline.

Repairs will take several days to complete for pumping can resume, officials said.

The attack, in the Wadi Obaida area of the central oil-producing province of Maarib, halted flows from the Maarib fields to the Ras Isa oil terminal on the Red Sea.

Yemen crude exports finance up to 70 percent of the national budget.


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