The Sohar refinery (Image courtesy of Orpic)

Orpic, Oman’s state-owned oil company, has temporarily shut down its 116,000 bpd Sohar refinery northwest of the capital Muscat.

The shutdown is the result of an emergency situation in the facility’s sour water stripper.

The  maintenance work scheduled to be completed within 10 days, the company said in a post to its Facebook page.

During the maintenance, shutdowns and restarts at different units at the refinery will be carried out until all units are stabilized to ensure that they can operate normally, according to the release.

The refinery’s fuel supply commitments will not be interrupted as a result of the temporary emergency shutdown, Orpic said.

The Sohar refinery currently is also currently being expanded, when completed it will increase the plant’s processing capacity by more than 70%.


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