The boss of state energy company PT Pertamina, Karen Agustiawan, was ordered to pay bribes to members of House of Representatives, evidence from a related investigation allegedly revealed.

Indonesia’s Independent Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) prepared a case dossier about former SKKMigas chief Rudi Rubiandini that implicated the Pertamina boss.

Pertamina is Indonesia’s state-controlled upstream oil and gas operator and SKKMigas handles downstream sales.

Rubiandini is on trial for allegedly accepting bribes of more than $2.6 million from various sources, including oil buyers.

Agustiawan, pictured above, allegely told investigators that Rubiandini “once phoned her to say that Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Jero Wacik and he had agreed that SKKMigas would provide US$150,000 to help ease the deliberation of the ministry’s budget at the House, while another $150,000 would be provided by Pertamina,” the Jakarta Post reported.

“The money would be given to House lawmakers who I believed were in the budget committee,” Agustiawan said, according to the KPK dossier.

“The money would be delivered to the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry’s secretary-general, Waryono Karyo. Because the deadline for the delivery was 3 p.m., [Rubiandi] then demanded that the money should be in Waryono Karyo’s hands before 1 p.m.”

“I then said Pertamina would give the money directly to the House, not through Waryono, so Pertamina should not be asked for money again.”

Agustiawan’s lawyer, Rudy Alfonso, said his client was a victim in the scheme. He said Rubiandini threatened to report Agustiawan to “the minister” after she turned down his request for a cash delivery for lawmakers.

During a raid at Waryono’s office in August last year, the KPK confiscated $200,000 that allegedly came from Rubiandini.


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