The ONEOK pipeline explosion (Courtesy of Theresa McKinzie)

A pipeline explosion caused a blast that was felt for miles on Monday near Milfay, Oklahoma.

No injuries have been reported from the incident.

The fire on the pipeline has been extinguished, and ONEOK Partners, the pipeline operator, said there was no damage to surrounding structures.

“We heard this huge boom and then everything was shaking – we thought it was an earthquake,” said Vicky Mccullough, who was four miles away in her home when the explosion occurred. “An hour later we could still hear the roar of the flames.”

The natural gas pipeline runs from Depew, Oklahoma to Edmond, Oklahoma.

ONEOK Partners did not say when the pipeline would be operational again.


  1. Pipelines will fail prematurely until compliance to standards are adhered to,and tighter oversight of construction
    and real hydrostatic tests are performed. Self regulation of pipelines by default of D.O.T.s lack of oversight
    creates a cavalier attitude. Certification of inspectors is lax.

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