Protesters marched in the streets of Pittsburg Saturday to oppose a planned crude oil storage and transfer facility.

WesPac Energy Group wants to upgrade a decommissioned PG&E oil storage and transfer terminal at 696 West 10th Street near downtown Pittsburg.

Protesters marched from Mariner Park to Pittsburg ‘s City Hall.

The City Council prepared an environmental report that will be debated and voted on early this year, the Council’s website says.

The WesPac terminal would serve crude trains, ships, and pipelines, with tanks for storage.

California-based WesPac said the terminal project will use the most up-to-date technology as well as operators and automatic control systems and will be monitored for safety 24 hours a day.

Protesters said the project “will expose residents to the potential danger of crude oil leak or explosion. In addition, opponents said emissions from increased rail and ship traffic will overburden a population that already suffers from high rates of asthma and cancer stemming from industrial pollution,” according to a CBS report.


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