Salvo Global’s 3-Day Masterclass on the topic of Advanced Boiler Operation and Maintenance seeks to provide delegates the expertise on improving Boiler efficiency and safety.  The Masterclass will consists of a variety of case studies, discussions and presentations.

Having a systemic approach to operations and maintenance for Boiler systems is to ensure proper safety standards are adhered to as well as increasing efficiency while reducing operating costs.

With over 45 years of experience in Facilities Management, Factory Automation, Control Systems Engineering and Steam Plant Operations, the Masterclass trainer that is conducting this Masterclass brings a wealth of strategies and diverse creative approaches to improve operational safety and efficiency of Boiler plants in a number of Industries, from breweries, Oil and Gas companies, Hospitals and Hotels and Power/Water Utility companies.

Delegates will gain detailed information that they can bring back to share their experience and enhance their companies’ productivity.

Salvo Global is in the business of providing clients with experiences and invaluable insights from industry experts on a range of topics.


Visit them at or contact us at [email protected] if you like to know more about the events or to have in-house training conducted for your company.


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