Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for Jan. 2 through Jan. 8 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold.

Adventure Exploration Partners II LLC, Calverley 24, Glasscock, New Drill (3).

Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC, W.D. Johnson 1-49, Loving, New Drill
Apache Corporation, Ballenger, Glasscock, New Drill; Anderson 13, Howard, New Drill; Scott Sugg 3435, Irion, New Drill; Squire, Glasscock, New Drill; Sau 5, Reagan, New Drill; Campbell, Seth, Winkler, Re-enter; Waha 4 SWD, Reeves, New Drill; Sau 41-3, Reagan, New Drill; Mockingbird 9, Loving, New Drill; CC, Upton, New Drill; Carmichael, Andrews, New Drill; Waha 8, Reeves, New Drill; Ola Parker State 6, Andrews, New Drill; Sau 8, Reagan, New Drill; Sau 43, Reagan, New Drill.

Athlon Energy Operating LLC, Rab Davidson A, Midland, New Drill; Windham 39, Midland, New Drill; Calverley, Glasscock, New Drill.

Athlon Fe Operating LLC, Miller 20, Howard, New Drill; Halfmann 36, Glasscock, New Drill; Ed Books 13, Glasscock, Recompletion (4); Crabtree 19, Howard, New Drill; Wheeler 28, Howard, New Drill.

Atlantic Exploration LLC, Brooks, Reeves, New Drill.

Berry Oil Comp., Gardendale 4, Ector, New Drill.

Bluestem Energy Holdings LLC, Hanson 2C, Glasscock, New Drill; Hanson 2, Glasscock, New Drill.

Breitburn Operating LP, Adams West 29, Howard, New Drill.

Bridwell Oil Co., Amoco-Collier, Crosby, New Drill; Collier -7-, Crosby, New Drill.

Brigham Resources Operating LLC, Regan State 16, Reeves, New Drill.

Broad Oak Energy II LLC, Farmar A, Irion, New Drill.

Buck Wheat Resources LP, Beggs AAA, Dickens, New Drill.

Callon Petroleum Operating Co., Kendra, Midland, Field Transfer.

Cambrian Management Ltd., M.M. Fisher, Andrews, New Drill.

Canan Mowrey Operating LLC, Glenn, Hockley, New Drill.

Capitan Energy Inc., Rainbow Brine, Reeves, New Drill; Rainbow Saltwater Disposal, Reeves, New Drill.

Capstone Natural Resources LLC, White, J.M. A, Andrews, Recompletion; White, J.M., Andrews, Recompletion; Deford-White Oil Unit, Andrews, Recompletion; Deford-White Oil Unit, Andrews, New Drill; Deford-White Oil Unit 2, Andrews, Recompletion; H.R. Cope, Gaines, Re-enter.

Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Mabee J.E. ‘A’ NCT-1, Andrews, New Drill (2); Scharbauer C, Midland, New Drill (2); D.C. Ponder, Ward, New Drill (2).
Cholla Petroleum Inc., Price NE, Coke, New Drill.
Cimarex Energy Co., Pine Ridge 34-176 A, Ward, New Drill; Bridger 1-36, Reeves, New Drill; Flying Ebony 19 Unit, Culberson, New Drill; Jet Pilot 24 Fee, Culberson, New Drill; Regret 7 Unit, Culberson, New Drill (2); Citation 32 Fee, Culberson, New Drill; University 18-41 ‘B’, Ward, New Drill.

COG Operating LLC, Big Chief, Reeves, New Drill; Ross Cotton Farms 120, Terry, New Drill; Roy Parks B, Ector, New Drill; Roy Parks B, Midland, New Drill; Ludeman B, Loving, New Drill; Kyndall, Upton, New Drill; Mattie, Andrews, New Drill; Sallie, Ector, New Drill; Currie ‘A’ State, Glasscock, New Drill; Pegasus Field Unit 3, Midland, New Drill.

ConocoPhillips Company, Settles, W.R., Howard, New Drill (2); Ramsey 14, Culberson, New Drill.

Creed Operating Co. LLC, Foster Ranch, Dickens, New Drill.

CrownQuest Operating LLC, Lindsay CQ, Howard, New Drill; Lomax 11, Glasscock, Recompletion; S Wilkinson, Howard, New Drill (2).

Del Mar Energy Inc., Brown, Runnels, New Drill.

Devon Energy Production Co. LP, Havara, Crane, New Drill; Byrne, Mitchell, New Drill; Tatia, Ector, New Drill; Peggy A, Ector, New Drill.

Diamondback E&P LLC, UL Bumble Unit 5-36, Andrews, New Drill; Cumberland, Midland, Recompletion (2); ST S, Midland, Recompletion (3); ST, Midland, Recompletion (2).
Element Petro Operating II, LLC, Clark Unit 24-13, Howard, New Drill.

Endeavor Energy Resources LP, Brown, Prudie ‘4’, Martin, New Drill; Hooper ‘42’, Martin, New Drill; Cordes, Upton, New Drill; Ricker ‘B’ – Enron, Reagan, New Drill.
Enduring Resources LLC, University 49, Reagan, New Drill; Noelke 1243, Irion, New Drill (2).

Energen Resources Corporation, Campbell, Martin, New Drill; Campbell, Martin, Recompletion (2); Sabine -35A-, Glasscock, New Drill; Yellow Jacket State Unit 1-70, Loving, New Drill; Horwood, Glasscock, Field Transfer (5); Horwood, Glasscock, New Drill; Enterprise C19-5, Reeves, New Drill; Glass, Glasscock, New Drill; Wilbanks -16A, Martin, New Drill.

Enervest Operating LLC, Mabee C, Martin, New Drill.

EOG Resources, Inc., Linthicum ‘A’, Irion, New Drill; University 52 S, Irion, New Drill (2).

Estancia Oil & Gas LLC, Schooler, Dawson, New Drill.

Fasken Oil and Ranch, Ltd., Fee ‘BE’, Midland, New Drill (6); Fee ‘BL’, Ector, New Drill (2).

FIML Natural Resources LLC, Divide Draw H 124 SW Unit, Reagan, New Drill.

Firewheel Operating LLC, Horwood, Sterling, New Drill.

Forge Energy LLC, Liberty, Andrews, New Drill.

Hannathon Petroleum LLC, Cotter 6, Glasscock, New Drill.

Henry Resources LLC, UnivLindsay, Crane, New Drill; Melinda, Upton, New Drill (5).

Hibernia Resources LLC, Dorothy Faye A320, Martin, New Drill (2).

High Roller Wells LLC, Hwy 349 SWD, Upton, New Drill.

High Sky Partner LLC, Isbell, Midland, New Drill.

Jetta Operating Company Inc., Barstow 17, Ward, New Drill.

Juno Operating Company II LLC, Boozer, Lubbock, New Drill.

Kerogen Texas Energy Op. LLC, William Edwards, Pecos, Re-enter.

Kinder Morgan Production Co. LLC, Sacroc Unit, Scurry, New Drill (2).

Laredo Petroleum-Dallas Inc., E Jost Oil Unit-B-, Reagan, New Drill; Graham-CH Sugg (Alloc) SL, Reagan, New Drill; Graham-CH Sugg (Alloc), Reagan, New Drill.

Laredo Petroleum Inc., LPI-Squire 45, Glasscock, Recompletion; JE Cox, Glasscock, New Drill; Guthrie Trust A, Glasscock, New Drill; LPI-Archer 39, Glasscock, New Drill; LPI-Glass 46, Glasscock, New Drill; Glass 218, Glasscock, New Drill.

Linn Operating Inc., Gaither 15, Martin, New Drill; Broughton Farms 10, Martin, New Drill; Boa Trust 17, Martin, New Drill; Allar 3, Martin, New Drill; Florence Hall Trust, Martin, New Drill.

Memorial Production Operating LLC, Northwest Terry (Abo) Unit, Terry, New Drill.

Mewbourne Oil Company, TXL 21, Loving, New Drill; TXL 37, Loving, New Drill; TXL 48, Loving, New Drill; Magruder 8 AP, Ector, New Drill.

MexTex Operating Company, Russell Ranch, Menard, New Drill.

Midenergy Operating LLC, Edwards, Crane, Recompletion.

Nadel and Gussman Permian LLC, Timberwolf UL 701, Pecos, New Drill.

Native Operating Company LLC, Pritchett State 30, Pecos, New Drill.

NorthStar Operating Company, Rayden McCamey, Crane, New Drill.

Occidental Permian Ltd., Gaines Wasson Clearfork Unit, Gaines, New Drill (4); Northwest Mallet Unit, Hockley, New Drill; Levelland Unit, Hockley, Recompletion (2); Wasson North Clearfork Unit, Yoakum, New Drill; Central Robertson (Clfk) Unit, Gaines, Recompletion.

Osborn Heirs Company, Billie Hanks, Pecos, New Drill.

OXY USA, Inc., Layden A, Reeves, New Drill.

OXY USA WTP LP, Gorilla 20, Reeves, New Drill; Yow State 38, Reeves, New Drill.

Paint Rock Operating LLC, Russell, Menard, New Drill.

Paladin Petroleum III LLC, B. Marshall, Howard, New Drill.

Parsley Energy Operations LLC, Neal 14, Upton, New Drill; Greeman 14A, Martin, New Drill; Greeman 14B, Martin, New Drill; Eleanor 2, Upton, New Drill; Sarah 27, Upton, New Drill; Graham 22, Dawson, New Drill; Halff 2B, Upton, New Drill; Mary 18, Upton, New Drill; Wade Estate, Martin, New Drill (2); T.E. Cook, Reagan, New Drill; Myrtle McMasters, Reagan, New Drill.

Pioneer Natural Resources USA Inc., Priest ‘12’, Upton, New Drill; Cheatham, Glasscock, New Drill; Gist ‘4’, Glasscock, New Drill; University 3-19, Upton, New Drill; University 3-33, Upton, New Drill; Houston Ranch ‘13’, Glasscock, New Drill; Mary Lane, Martin, New Drill; Wiggins 2, Martin, New Drill; Lottie, Martin, New Drill; Key ‘9’, Martin, New Drill.

PPC Operating Company LLC, Canon Ranch Unit, Borden, New Drill (3).

Quantum Resources Management LLC, Read, H.N. -D-, Howard, New Drill.

R K Petroleum Corp., Evangeline, Martin, New Drill.

Range Production Company, Edmondson A, Glasscock, New Drill.

Raw Oil & Gas Inc., Double D, Dawson, New Drill; Darrell, Dawson, New Drill.

Reatta Energy Inc., Copeland, Lynn, Recompletion.

Red Willow Production, LLC, Diamond Back 17, Reeves, New Drill.

Ring Energy Inc., Fisher A, Andrews, New Drill.

RKI Exploration & Production LLC, Pecos State 46, Loving, New Drill.

Rosetta Resources Operating LP, Black Jack 16, Reeves, New Drill (2); Sam Bass State 15, Reeves, New Drill.

Royal American Oil & Gas, Seale, Garza, New Drill.

RSP Permian LLC, Spanish Trail, Midland, New Drill (2); STO Sec 2, Midland, New Drill.

San Gabriel Resources LLC, Armstrong State 59-3, Reeves, New Drill.

SandRidge Exploration and Production LLC, University 17-17, Ward, New Drill (3); CC Cities Service B, Andrews, New Drill (2); WH Bush, Andrews, New Drill; University 13-28, Andrews, New Drill (2); University 13-34, Andrews, New Drill; University 13-35, Andrews, New Drill (4); University 38, Andrews, New Drill; University 38E, Andrews, New Drill; University 48A, Andrews, New Drill (2); University 48C, Andrews, New Drill; Leona A, Andrews, New Drill; Leona B, Andrews, New Drill (2); Leona E, Andrews, New Drill; University 1801, Andrews, New Drill.

Savior Oil Company, Karen (Occidental), Pecos, New Drill.

Sharp Image Energy Inc., Spur 14, Kent, New Drill.

Shell Western E&P, University 20-3 Wnk, Winkler, New Drill; Ramsland 1-61 Lov, Loving, New Drill.

Sheridan Production Company LLC, South Fuhrman Mascho Unit, Andrews, Recompletion; Jameson Reef Unit, Coke, New Drill.

Silver Creek Oil & Gas LLC, Bell 88, Upton, New Drill.

Strand Energy LC, Higg Ranch ‘30’, Gaines, New Drill.

Summit Petroleum LLC, Gracelyn, Upton, New Drill (2).

Three Rivers Operating Co. II LLC, Brunson, Glasscock, New Drill.

W&T Offshore Inc., Patricia Plow, Martin, New Drill.

Williams, Clayton Energy Inc., Hogan 148-13, Reeves, New Drill; Russell 274-13, Reeves, New Drill.

XTO Energy Inc., Goldsmith, C.A., et al., Ector, Re-enter (2); Goldsmith, C.A., et al., Ector, Recompletion (3); Robertson Clearfork Unit, Gaines, New Drill (5); Russell Clearfork Unit, Gaines, New Drill.

Source: Railroad Commission


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