A Marcellus shale natural gas well is still burning a day after an explosion that left one worker missing and another injured.

Flames erupted Tuesday morning at 6:45 at the Lanco 7H well in Dunkard Township, near Bobtown in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Chevron said late Wednesday it was developing a strategy to deal with the fire.

The missing worker is employed by Houston-based Cameron International, a Chevron spokesperson said Wednesday.

The well is about 50 miles south of Pittsburgh near the West Virginia border.

Chevron spokesperson LeAnn Wainwright said: “Our plans include efforts to control the well by shutting off the flow of natural gas and taking all appropriate procedures to protect the other wells on the pad. We are closely monitoring the status of the adjacent two wells and are developing contingency plans for those wells if necessary.”

Firefighting specialists from Houston-based Wild Well Control were at the site late Tuesday.

Chevron said it had completed drilling and fracking on the well and was “in the final stages of using steel pipe to hook it up to a pipeline distribution network for production,” a report from WTAE said.


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