Oil and gas workers in Europe are the highest paid in the global industry.

Average annual pay for energy staff in the region rose 14 percent year on year to $121,039  in 2013.

Industry workers in Australia/Oceania made an average of $120,231.

In Africa, the average annual pay for oil and gas workers in 2013 was $117,820.

In the United States, oil and gas workers averaged $98,133.

The lowest paid region in the industry in 2013 was the Middle East. Workers there earned an average salary of $90,236, a drop of 10 percent from 2012 wages.

“Professionals in Europe have particularly benefitted from the record investment levels now being poured into the North Sea following the British Government’s moves last year to support deeper-sea exploration on the Continental Shelf,” according to Dominic Simpson, an executive at Rigzone.

Source: The (UK) Telegraph


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