A Shared Services Aviation plane. (Image courtesy of ConocoPhillips)

Security agents at Anchorage International Airport closed the sole security checkpoint for nearly two hours this weekend after the discovery that an oil field worker had an explosive device packed in his luggage.

The device is believed to be a pipe bomb, the suspect told authorities it was a device used to trigger avalanches, said Airport Manager John Parrott.

The security was evacuated and the police bomb squad relocated the device to a secure offsite facility.

The passenger’s ticket was for a flight on Shared Services Aviation, a joint service between BP and ConocoPhillips. The airline transports employees and contractors to Alaska.

“An initial investigation has confirmed that the item in question was a device typically used for avalanche control and that there was no ill will intended,” said ConocoPhillips spokesperson Amy Burnett.

ConocoPhillips confirmed the passenger was scheduled to fly to Deadhorse, Alaska on a Shared Services flight.

According to the Anchorage airport website, the facility is the world’s fourth largest airport in terms of cargo.


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