Texas Railroad Commissioner candidate Wayne Christian talked on a radio show with host Chad Hasty about why the Railroad Commissioner’s race is so important to Texas.

That’s easy: The commission regulates the oil and gas industry for the state.

Christian said the Railroad Commission “is where the fight between Texas and the Obama administration, specifically the EPA, really takes place.”

If elected as Railroad Commissioner, his plan is to keep fighting, he said.

“What I think I bring to the table is the realization after being in government for a decade and a half…that what we have in Texas and largely because of those dollars, we can thumb our nose at the federal government and do what Texas wants to do, while other states have become dependent on the federal government and have to bow to their every whim…Texas is number one in oil and gas. I trust our folks. We’re the world’s greatest producer in the last decade in all of history. We don’t want that to change.”

Christian said Texas needs to take care of its oil and gas industries first and foremost.

He defended fracking and said it is safe.

On his website, Christian said he “was ranked not only  consistently conservative, but literally as the most conservative legislator in Texas.”


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