Anadarko Petroleum confirmed Wednesday that its drilling ship off Otago’s coast is leaving New Zealand, Radio New Zealand reported.

Earlier reports said Texas-based Anadarko had a dry hole in a deepwater exploration hole it drilled in the Canterbury Basin about 40 miles from Dunedin.

Anadarko’s New Zealand manager, Alan Seay, said the company won’t be drilling the second follow-up hole it had planned, Radio New Zealand said.

“It’s the end of the drilling programme for us,” Seay said, “and it’s gone very well from the point of view of actually drilling two deepwater wells in New Zealand.”

The hole is being plugged and will be abandoned, Seay told Radio New Zealand.

Crews are already coming off the drilling ship, the Noble Bob Douglas, which will head to the Gulf of Mexico in the next few days, the report said.


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