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A local unit of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) in the Republic of Chad in central Africa has been fined $1.2 billion for violating environmental rules, according to a statement released by Chad’s environment minister.

“Following the non-respect of its obligations and repeated violations of environmental norms … the government is demanding that CNPCIC (CNPC International Chad) … pay a fine of $1.2 billion,” the statement said.

Chad also demanded the CNPC unit to take steps to repair damage caused by pollution in the Bongor Basin oil reservoirs.

Chad’s government suspended all CNPCIC’s operations in the country in August for environmental damage caused by dumping crude without safeguards. Operations resumed in October after the company improved its environmental protection performance.

CNPC is the largest oil and gas producer in China.

In February, CNPC subsidiary Jilin Oilfield Co. was fined 500,000 yuan ($82,000) in China for illegally dumping wastewater from a natural gas plant in ditches, causing soil and water pollution.

In August, China suspended environmental approval for all new refining projects by CNPC after the company failed to reduce its chemical emissions in 2012.

Source: China Compliance Digest


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