Chevron said Thursday it will relocate the families of employees from areas affected by air pollution from land fires.

“Chevron plans to relocate those who seem to be at high risk of developing haze-related problems — such as newborns, pregnant women, children under five years old and people with a history of lung or heart disease — and have recommendations from the Chevron Medical team,”  Chevron Riau communications manager Tiva Permata  told the Antara news agency.

She said the employees’ families could evacuate to guesthouses at Camp Rumbai, provided by Chevron, or could stay with other families living in locations with better air quality, the Jakarta Post reported.

“Tiva said that affected employees as well as other Chevron employees who were not included on the recommendation list from the medical team could leave on furlough with approval from their superiors.”

Air quality in several areas of Riau, such as Bangko, Dumai, Duri and Rumbai, has deteriorated because of pollution caused by thick smoke from land fires in the province.

The smoke has also lowered air quality in Singapore and parts of Malaysia, which are also having record-breaking droughts.

“Chevron has distributed respirators to all employees and their families, informing them to refrain from activities outside their homes and to close ventilation in their houses to avoid smoke, and to prepare relocation plans as well,” said Tiva.


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