Texas-based LCI Energy Insight said oil production in North Dakota’s Bakken shale formation fell in December by nearly 50,000 bpd from just over 910,000 bpd in November, the biggest drop in North Dakota production since records have been kept.

In January, production was flat at 860,000 bpd.

“Growth in the larger Eagle Ford shale in south Texas also ground to a halt at around 1.1 million bpd, according to the LCI data,” according to an exclusive report by Reuters.

Parts of North Dakota had the third coldest December on record.

Diesel fuel froze in truck tanks.

And in  January, windy conditions stalled drilling and fracking, Reuters said.

It’s common for Bakken oil production to stall in winter and race ahead until spring floods hit.

December production in Eagle Ford in Texas dropped 10,000 bpd from November, the LCI data showed.

Average temperatures in Williston, North Dakota in December were 21 to 31 degrees below zero (-29 to -35 degrees Celsius).


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