Image courtesy of Anadarko Petroleum

An Online Job Openings Report issued by North Dakota’s Job Service agency said the state’s rate of unemployed persons per job opening was 0.6 in December 2013.

That means there’s less than one unemployed worker for every job opening in the state.

The national ratio for unemployed workers to job openings was 2.9, according to the Job Service report.

“Twenty-one North Dakota counties reported unemployed-per-opening rates of less than 1.0 which indicates more job openings than resident labor supply,” the report said.

In 2012, only 13 counties in North Dakota reported a ratio of less than 1.0.

Three counties in the Bakken shale region — Williams, McKenzie and Stark — have the lowest rates in the state, at 0.2 unemployed per job opening.

Two rural counties on the other side of the state in eastern North Dakota — Eddy and Steele — had the highest jobless rates 36.5 and 23.0 unemployed per job respectively.


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