Contract oil worker Arvitar Ramkhelawan, 23, died instantly Tuesday when a progressive cavity pump struck him on the head  at a Petrotrin drilling site.

The father of two was a welder employed by contractor Premnath Lalchan.

Workers refused to work for two hours Friday at the Forest Reserve site, protesting what they called unsafe conditions at the worksite.

The workers are represented by the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union.

Senior union officer, Errol A Mcleod, led the protest.

He said, “The workers protested based on the death of a contract worker. They protesting because they fed up with the callous, unsafe, uncaring management of Petrotrin. . . . we are also calling for the resignation of the Minister of Energy.”

Petrotrin said it has launched an internal investigation into Ramkhelawan’s death.

“A police report stated workmen were servicing a device, commonly referred to as a polishing rod, at Forest Reserve around 1.30 p.m. As the motor was started, the device suddenly spun out of control and struck Ramkhelawan, who was standing nearby on an overflow line, on the head, killing him instantly,” the Trinidad Express said.


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