(Image courtesy of Oceanografia)
Oceanografia creditors have seized a vessel used as collateral for debt issued by the company.

Oslo-based Norsk Tillitsmann is preparing to sell the ship, OSA Goliath, to recoup funds for lenders.

The ship was seized on Friday in Aruban waters on Norsk Tillitsmann’s request, a notice on the company’s site said.

Oceanografia has not commented on the seizure.

The company is in the middle of an alleged fraud against Citibank.

Citigroup uncovered at least $400 million in bogus loans to Oceanografia’s Mexican subsidiary Banamex.

Mexico’s government has seized control of Oceanografia as its criminal investigation continues.


  1. The picture is not that of OSA Goliath. This is a picture of what appears to be Caballo Marango.

    Note, there are 4 of these ships build for Oceanografia.

    OSA Goliath 180 meters
    Sampson 180 meters
    Caballo Maya 148 meters
    Caballo Marango 148 meters

    Interesting is that one of these 148 meter vessels was at some stage mentioned in the same bond as OSA Goliath. But not yet seized?

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