A New Zealand man working on an oil rig in the South China Sea said Wednesday he believes he saw Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 ‘burning at a high altitude around the time it disappeared.

Mike McKay was working on the “Songa Mercur” drilling platform when he thinks he spotted the plane.

He reportedly emailed his bosses with an account of the sighting, according to a report by Business Insider and others.

McKay said that he “observed the plane burning at high altitude…in one piece” about 35 – 50 miles from his location.

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was at cruising at 35,000 feet when it disappeared from radar on March 7. The pilots didn’t send any signals before the plane went missing.

No wreckage has been found despite a massive search by 10 countries.

The email McKay sent to Japan’s Idemitsu Oil & Gas Co was posted online and appeared to be authentic.

“McKay, who carries a New Zealand passport, said that he tried to contact Malaysian and Vietnam officials about what he saw ‘several days ago,’ adding that he’d received no confirmation that they got his message,” Business Insider said.


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