Image courtesy of Pluspetrol

Oil production at Peru’s largest field has been cut by  70 percent by  indigenous rights protesters who occupied the site  Monday.

Tribal members and supporters took control of facilities and access roads in the Amazon region of Loreto in northern Peru.

Pluspetrol of Argentina is the operator of the facility there known as Block 1-AB.

The indigenous protesters has said Pluspetrol and other foreign energy companies have caused dozens of oil spills in the Amazon rain forest.

Carlos Sandi of the Achuar tribe said Thursday the protesters are demanding a solution by the Peruvian government.

He said 400 police from outside the region have been sent in to handle the disturbance.

Pluspetrol’s Block 1-AB produces around 16,000 bpd, about a quarter of Peru’s overall output.

Production has dropped by about 11,000 bpd since the protest started.

Last year the government declared an environmental emergency near Pluspetrol’s operation center close to the Corrientes River.

“Conversations are under way to bring a solution to the impasse,” Pluspetrol said in an emailed statement. “A government commission is there and we hope this is resolved soon.”


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